Grinding Place

As we learn more at the academy… we realised that it was poorly run at a place called the Grinding Place. The sargeants don’t care, all communications from the field marshall stops at the sargeants. whereas the privates are deemed expendable.. so they dont really care about people management and proper training to equip the front line soldiers to fight this modern war and we’re not talking about the equipments and technologies to be used in this modern warfare yet.  There is just no more morale to fight on this war. The privates at the front line were not given any fucking form of communication device to make contact with the rest of their peers and to check or intercept enemies strategies etc. The non-war going privates who supports at the back end (clerks at the command post, armoury and manufacturing plants) have the communication device that a war-going private needs. What the fuck is going on? The privates don’t even have narrowband dialup internet connection to study about the guns and artilleries that the enemies use. Isn’t it rediculous? The Minister of IT and their cronies are a bunch of monkeys that is wasting the government money and jeopardising the war campaign to a degree.
Throughout the history of mankind…. after so many battles and wars… have we not learn that most wars were won on one teamwork spirit and high morale. Take for example the Hitler-led Nazi… a good and effective propaganda from the field marshall and the chancellor that is communicated to lowest of the hierachy, the foot soldier privates converted into high spirit to teamwork and morale and subsequently the hyper-efficient Blitzkrieg. To make this concept work in this 21st century, warfares are fought not only with the best tanks or machines… it also depends much on technical knowledge and intelligence. Having said this, these can only be obtained from proper training, Internet and emails. The soldiers irregardless of rank must have the objective of the campaign or battle operation properly communicated to them so that the ground men will make preparations etc. The ground infantry (GI) soldiers does not have the morale anymore and everyone is fighting for their own ass with only an outdated AK47 rifle and a knife. They don’t even know what to achieve from that battle…. is it to cut off enemy’s food supply and communications or is it to capture the No Mans Land by hook or crook?  The ground infantry just dont fucking know. This has led to a disastrous management of the platoon… no, Company Mike.
Well, this is too much to digest…. on a Tuesday morning. I need to go off to the battlefield. Mayday mayday…. reinforcement needed. Its just so pissed off to think about this on a holiday season….
Private endroo G.

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  1. remember that it’s always a business, whether it’s a country or a company. get the most out of it, get all that u want and NEEd, have no high expectations and it’ll help u deal with it.

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