So, the days are drawing near and I’m gonna leave the bachelorhood (technically) and taking a step further to the club as what my buddy Yea Chern put it. Definitely it feels like the same but what lies ahead is unknown to me at this moment. Got the flower bouquet DIY’ed and lunch venue booked. The outing is just for the closest of the closest people. What am I gonna wear on the day? A suit? Its kinda hot these days… yeah its global warming and its real… but can I just wear a shirt and just a slack. Maybe I’d put on a tie. Thats all.

This is the first time I’m breaking some news of my change of status. Great. 2009 is coming to an end…. and this (ROM) could be one of the notable achievement this year, the others being the awarding of the professional Dip and the economic advantage it brought me and having set foot on Australian soil (finally). I couldn’t ask for more. Its been a colourful year I may say.

Hopefully next year will be better… and the resolution is to complete the Assoc. if possible and  have a great wedding. Another aim is to go gallivanting to as many places as possible in this short lifetime of ours. Next year will be a football year…. Germany’s gonna win the World Cup. Ha.