Grinding Place

As we learn more at the academy… we realised that it was poorly run at a place called the Grinding Place. The sargeants don’t care, all communications from the field marshall stops at the sargeants. whereas the privates are deemed expendable.. so they dont really care about people management and proper training to equip the front line soldiers to fight this modern war and we’re … Continue reading Grinding Place

Official jersey of Germany for World Cup 2010

The greatest football sportswear manufacturer had unveiled the official jersey for the greatest team on Earth… Germany. The cheapest I can find selling here in Malaysia is at al-Ikhsan. The adidas shop at Mid Valley is selling at around Rm 258.00 while al-Ikhsan in the Curve is selling at Rm 230.00 . Its awesome. The crest is gold in color and black background. The 3 … Continue reading Official jersey of Germany for World Cup 2010