The longest week

Arrhh… its been a long week of tiresome, sleeplessness and depression (anger without enthusiasm as Steven Capaldi put it). As usual, it is mostly due to work in a dog-eat-dog world. Ok.

Lets look at some brighter things of life. I’m off to Melbourne next week for a week break from shit-stuff in KL. Lets make it a point to enjoy life and go see the world a bit. No mattter how much we earn…. we should enjoy life according to our budget. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. You might just wake up in the ruins and rubble of an earthquake aftermath in Malaysia (0.38 probability?). Maybe with all these “goals” you will have the motivation to grind.

Well, am looking towards the realm of matrimony which is getting closer than I’d realise… we are looking at some unconventional ideas to cut cost and of course for simplicity sake. I’m not revealing anymore. Everything is still in the early stage of planning. I dont want to see the projected cost sheet yet or else I’ll have another sleeplessness period.

Alright… just let it be. I’m trying to get back the blogging mood after lying low for so long. I’m going down under. Yay.


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