Pimp my ride

Dear Car-lost,

In a few days I will be parting with you. Thanks for being there for me for so long since GABR days and till now I’ve travelled about 238,000 kilometres with you all over the peninsular of malaysia.North, south, east and west.

I may not be a good owner but nevertheless I did tried to give you the best – Mobil1, Meguiars, V-Power, Continental, Ambi-pure, and many more. So many fond memories of us travelling in style and you brought me to every damn corners of the Klang Valley.

I hope you gonna have a better owner than me in the future. We’ve gone through thick and thin all these year… with you involving in multiple minor accidents and me making money extorting the third party at fault. Though I’ve never strike on your registration number… but it did came close a few times. It opened in 1st and 2nd prize for a few times.

Actually I don’t want to part with you but I just can’t take it anymore. Everyone have been urging me to part with you – my szer, my dad, szer’s dad, my friends, my insurance agent friend, my colleagues, my mechanic, etc. I just can’t stand it anymore. Your market value dropped so drastically in the past year. You will be replaced by a Perodua…. to take me to extra kilometers.

Well, hope we can bump into each other next time in town. Please pray for me to strike your registration number ok. I would just buy you back from the used car dealer.

With love and adios,




  1. Actually, a car is just a car. It brings us from point A to B. Thats all. I wouldn’t have changed the car had it not for the external comments and nagging from so many people. Now have to work for the bank all over again…… i just hate it and car value drops every year.

  2. When the car coming out ?
    Should have waited for “WTF” car plate… acronym for the famous “What the F ”
    It should be out in 2 months time

    P/s: Kindly share on the 4 digits of your new car no…

  3. Congrats on the new car!

    A car is just a car which gets you from A to B – I agree.
    (Unless it’s an Ultimate Driving Machine aka BMW)
    You were driving the Iswara right? To me, it’s still a reliable and durable option, considering the price that one is paying.

    I hope those who were making noise are contributing in monetary terms towards your new purchase, else… they should just shut up period

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