Passed by this place many times over the years and until recently I finally stopped by to see whats the fuss with all this people collecting water by the roadside. Thats the hilly road going to Ulu Yam and Batang Kali.

Above: The water flows out continuosly from the hill.

G: Hey mister, you are collecting all this water for drinking or washing purpose?

Mr: Of course for drinking, lah ! This is the best water for drinking. Its better than those of the Diamond or Nesh bullshit.

G: Even better than those bottled mineral water like Spritzer etc ?

Mr: This is the best. Why do you think I come here everyweek to collect drinking water supply for a week?

G: How many containers you have here?

Mr: 11 ! I’ve been here the whole morning. Come, since you have a small bottle, why don’t you take some first.

G: Ok. I wanna see whats so great with this water…

Mr: Here… go ahead. I use this water to brew tea… chinese tea. You get different taste from the same tea box.

G: (gulping a litre of water)…. WOW. This water is sweet and fresh. (reminds me the water of Kenyir Lake that I drank)

Mr: Exactly. The sweetness is because the water contains high oxygen which is good for the body. Unlike tap water, those are treated water with gallons of chemicals in it.

G: Whoa… then this water is very suitable for cooking…. for soup and gravy.

Mr: Definitely it will be out of this world.

G: Maybe I’ll come and collect water with a bigger bottle one day.

Mr: You should. This water is healthy. There were even Health Officers came here before to take water sample and certified it to be drinkable.

G: Oh really?

Mr: Yeah… I’ve been coming here everyweek for the past 4 years.

G: Ok good. I take another bottle of water for my journey back to KL. Where you from? Batang Kali or Ulu Yam?

Mr: No… I’m from Selayang. All the way from Selayang just for the sake of the water.

G: Oh… I’m from there too. Now no more stayin there. Ok, let me take a picture and I have to roll already. Thanks.

Mr: Alright young man.