Water purer and better than Diamond or Nesh

Passed by this place many times over the years and until recently I finally stopped by to see whats the fuss with all this people collecting water by the roadside. Thats the hilly road going to Ulu Yam and Batang Kali.

Above: The water flows out continuosly from the hill.

G: Hey mister, you are collecting all this water for drinking or washing purpose?

Mr: Of course for drinking, lah ! This is the best water for drinking. Its better than those of the Diamond or Nesh bullshit.

G: Even better than those bottled mineral water like Spritzer etc ?

Mr: This is the best. Why do you think I come here everyweek to collect drinking water supply for a week?

G: How many containers you have here?

Mr: 11 ! I’ve been here the whole morning. Come, since you have a small bottle, why don’t you take some first.

G: Ok. I wanna see whats so great with this water…

Mr: Here… go ahead. I use this water to brew tea… chinese tea. You get different taste from the same tea box.

G: (gulping a litre of water)…. WOW. This water is sweet and fresh. (reminds me the water of Kenyir Lake that I drank)

Mr: Exactly. The sweetness is because the water contains high oxygen which is good for the body. Unlike tap water, those are treated water with gallons of chemicals in it.

G: Whoa… then this water is very suitable for cooking…. for soup and gravy.

Mr: Definitely it will be out of this world.

G: Maybe I’ll come and collect water with a bigger bottle one day.

Mr: You should. This water is healthy. There were even Health Officers came here before to take water sample and certified it to be drinkable.

G: Oh really?

Mr: Yeah… I’ve been coming here everyweek for the past 4 years.

G: Ok good. I take another bottle of water for my journey back to KL. Where you from? Batang Kali or Ulu Yam?

Mr: No… I’m from Selayang. All the way from Selayang just for the sake of the water.

G: Oh… I’m from there too. Now no more stayin there. Ok, let me take a picture and I have to roll already. Thanks.

Mr: Alright young man.



  1. Bro, about this water from the hill… It did come out in the Star newspaper for quite some time.

    I think around somewhere last year.

  2. If you ask from a geologist point of view, is all mater of how much ions in there, there more it is let say > 100 uS (micron Siemens), the better, river water contains less. If it has foul smell, then reject it…. simple as that….

    The story about Diamond product is controversial one, the product claims are not true, for example the water particle inside it that somehow can penetrate bad tissue or something like that,……. You can watch the full stories form You Tube sent by a Taiwanese on the Diamond hoax matter,… The best water purifier product and proven is from Amway and Panasonic pdt, becuase they use the most updated technology and have wide experience on it…. I was part of the team the evaluate the good water purifier pdt on the market,….

    That is all from me…..

    Muhd Azroy

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