Hi there…. recently we see a lot of shit going on around. The plane crash in Atlantic, the indonesian lady being force into sex slavery by the Kelantan prince, various Old Town White Coffee outlets in Klang Valley (3 ½ Mile Old Klang Road, Jaya One, Jaya Three Two, etc) being closed at the same time last Thursday after some people planned to gather there in black to drink coffee (it was not reported in The Star, NST etc but in Malaysiakini). This Thursday there will be another gathering in Old Town as reported by Malaysiakini… just check it out if you are around an Old Town outlet. This post is not sponsored by Old Town White Coffee, mind you.

Closer to me, some people always advocate that we should not talk or blog about politics in work place but there are times that we cannot refrain from talking about it. When someone is in anger and dissatisfaction with the management only he will take the option to vent it out somewhere such as in this blog. There are some circumstances why some things cannot be escalated to the higher management because you won’t have back up from colleagues and well, “unity” doesn’t exist in the first place. Well, politics are everywhere and in every single organisation. The culture of a company is shaped by the politics or rather the politics shaped by culture. What ever. So the reason I’m writing this shit today is that when you thought you are part of a revolution or battle, and put all your might into fighting the battle, the commander or rather the general may just sold out to the enemy. Sounds confused? I should say that is because of the organisation’s culture of not cultivating any good internal relationship among employees by having company outings, family days… that kind out activities. You know what I mean. Especially in this branch of financial service industry, I can say it is a highly dangerous factor for not having “unity” among co-workers.

Being in a department where there are two managers, three deputies and two assistant managers, it is surely a fucking pain in the ass. The top two may have different views on things and thus create something you call political divide. Adding salt to the wound, the deputies will try to preach their brand of religion cult and at the end of the day, you’ll have a cold war coming from all angle raging in the office, worst still, unseen. Foooh. Fuiyoh. Tripod culture is usually practised in such environment but not everyone’s a “tripoder”. The meaning of “tripod” here is what the chinese call “shoe-shine boy” or in malay “kaki ampu”. Try it with your pinky finger, index finger and thumb. Not everyone can tolerate to be a tripoder as it is like being a traitor to oneself…. its like selling yourself. If you can go and drink till the wee hours and go home puking…. you’ll get better chances and advantages. This is something like cronyism. Yeah. That is the politically-correct word. That’s the way it is but doesn’t mean it should be. So, as I said earlier, unity doesn’t even fucking exist, and cronies who been enjoying benefits will not back you up in

One thing can be learnt from this job is that never trust anyone for anyone who seems to be good to you is just a gimmick for they have a different agenda that you may not know. When it comes to money, everyone is working for their own benefit. Ok, that’s why we work, anyway but the sense of kinship among coworkers which is supposedly be greater than the sense of money is not present. Greed is what will make a man do untoward things to another man. Agree? So, who to be blamed? The organisation itself has to be blamed because of obvious reasons which I think cannot be published here. If you read this post, thank you. If you didn’t, it is ok. It’s just a fucking rant.