Jeng jeng jeng jeng… not Hui

Haha. No pun intended. You know who I meant. So, the exam for the 4th paper is over. Another burden off the shoulder.. though I’m still doubtful of the outcome. One more paper to go. After the next paper, I’ll see if I can continue to the next level of the course…. Assoc.  Just hope everything goes well according to plan and I can get that increment as soon as possible as promised. But then, company is paying for the studies… so just consider it an employment benefit. Oh fuck, I shouldn’t be revealing that.

Alright, now, I think i gonna blog about the remaining of the Europe trip where I stopped last. Rome is coming up…. slowly but surely. Florence… Lucern….. Paris….. Liverpool (except the two fucking red & blue stadiums). Everytime I look back at the photos of the trip… I’m thinking what the fuck am I doing here. I should be sitting in that gondola or gulping beer in Hofbrauhaus or sipping wine in St Goar, or eating cake in Amsterdam. Well, maybe strolling along Champ Elysees (man, heard of that song by Les Champ Elysees by Joe Dassin?) My Szer asked what is taking me so long to blog…. well, I need to process the pictures first. I’ll get back to the momentum and try to blog frequently again… I hope.

Thought of getting a new phone. The phone I’m using now is gonna go kaput soon…. I thing there’s something wrong with the transmitter. Call would be disconnected (hang up) prematurely in the middle of a conversation. If it doesn’t hang up, it would appear as if the reception is not good and call quality is like what you get when the reception is at the lowest “1 bar”. So damn pissed off. Eyeing on this Nokia E71 or the E63. Lingesh said the E71 is good and the keyboard is ok with him. *Lingesh is as big as the giant in the movie show “Green Mile“. Damn… why we always need gadgets? I think its only normal… kids want toys… adult also need toys. Wait… you want me to get that iPhone? I think Min Dee is right…. iPhone 3G is now in Malaysia. 3G. Yes…. 3G. But does iPhone has a camera for video call for that matter?? Hmmm. Good question. At first I also never thought of that.

The weekend will be a long weekend…. maybe will go for a short trip somewhere near. I really need a break. But I’m not going Cameron Highlands. Arrgh… I need a holiday real soon……….. Anyone wanna go South East Asia – Siem Reap, Manila, Hanoi, Bandung, Bali, Chiang Mai, Pattaya or Phuket with me and my szer? I think Jogja-Borobudur should be in the top of the list as I cancelled the trip due to the “great fall” that made me quit smoking. But then… money money money… I must be funny. What a frustration (not the doctrine).


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