Went to Burger King Mutiara Damansara to tapau for lunch yesterday. I orderd a Value Meal set and paid the price RM11.75 using Touch and Go card and the cashier told me that for any purchase above Rm20.00 in a single receipt, I am entiltled to get a RM10.00 of credit top-up to my card. There’s a TnG counter where you can top-up your card.

What?! Free RM10.00 top-up?! Ok… so i ordered another burger (single; RM6.90 and chicken tender nugget RM2.95). The final bill add up to RM 22.8x. Tap the touch and go card. I got 2 burgers (whopper and Fish), a cup of regular soft drink, chicken tender nugget and fries.

At the end of the day, I only spent Rm12.xx for the lunch. Not bad. Go try yourself.