Switch everything off during Earth Hour !!

This coming 28 March 2009 (Saturday) at 8.30pm sharp, please switch off all lightings and electrical appliances (be it on standby mode or active usage) to conserve 1 hour of energy. This is a worldwide drive initiated by WWF (not the wrestling federation, mind you). So, take the opportunity to go for a walk at the park with candles and or torch lights etc. However, … Continue reading Switch everything off during Earth Hour !!

One school nation

Is it at all possible to have a single secular school system? One school system for all… a myth? Many believe that the Malaysian dual education system will need to be re-looked at. Some parents quietly feel that the dual school system contributes to racial polarisation as stereotyping is re-enforced when children of the same race dominate a school, especially at a young and impressionable … Continue reading One school nation