Every 9 out of 10 people have a pair of eyeglasses. Even kids as young as 2 years old now. It has become a necessity now and one has to be smart and cost-conscious. I myself have four pairs of spectacles. One for work, one for the weekend night out (because I have to look good), one sun glasses and another one for sports.

It was on January 23rd 2009 that Zenni Optical (zennioptical.com) was featured in the New York Times in the article entitled Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank.  For as low as $8, you can get a pair of glasses with generic frames and lenses with anti-scratch coating as opposed to spending sometimes up to $150 for a similar pair in other optical shops. You may ask “there much be a catch for such a low price?!”. Well, secret is that they manufacture their own spectacle frames and sell it directly to end-user customers with a virtually low advertising budget. No middlemen involved. As spectacles became a necessity and perhaps a fashion item, we all have a tendency to change it frequently (I change my spectacles every year) to keep up with the current fashion. As such, the price is a very important factor.


And so I browsed through the website and saw a wide selection. It had a range for women, men, stainless steel frames, titanium frames, shads etc. I particularly liked Stainless Steel Frame #4911 as it had a tinge of purple in it. And best thing was that it was priced at $29.95 only. The good thing about stainless steel is that they don’t rust and it can last for a very long time.