Doctrine of Frustration

In some cases, a contract become unenforceable, impossible to perform, illegal or futile due to unexpected or unforeseen event that happened after the contract was made. This is known as a frustration. Frustration is an act outside the contract that makes it completion impossible, a good example of this is in marine contracts where a delivery is specified for a certain date and time but … Continue reading Doctrine of Frustration

Kok Ming's wedding

Good evening tansri-tansri, Tan Sri endroo G, puansri-puansri, datuk seri-datuk seri, datin seri-datin seri, datuk-datuk, datin-datin, ladies and gentlemen.. today my friend, Kok Ming a.k.a. Sean is finally married. Pheeww, what a long speech opener. All the “heng-tai” (brothers) for the morning session. All together 19 of us. Soo Lan was the only lady. Who was the best man? Arrived at Olympic Hotel where the … Continue reading Kok Ming's wedding


So… birdday is over and I’m one year older. Thanks to those who sent me wishes. Ha. I haven’t been posting for sometime as I found a new pastime this CNY. Learned to play mahjong and been playing with friends during the new year holidays. Haha. I was dragged into learning it while in Ipoh. Szer’s mom gave me a crash course. Its easy to … Continue reading Birdday