Non-halal delivery service

I saw this in Puchong. Sometime, I wonder whose mistake is this:  the shop owner, the designer of the signboard or the person who made the signboard. Just how halal can delivery service be?

DHL,Fedex and the likes are classified as halal? Yeah, in this shop they are selling non-halal BBQ meat but then the placement of the words are very important so that it wont send the wrong message to people. I think they are trying to tell that they have delivery service for their non-halal products.


  1. to them, everything needs to be halal. even medicine, they want it to be halal. i think they are too obsessed with the word halal, so if you want to do business with them, you just gotta use those word. halal this and halal that.

    well, times are bad, so they just wanna make sure they can have the business with the malay brethen.

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