Telemarketing survey

These telemarketer are here to stay. Like it or not…. they are sometime a pest. Most of the time they are very annoying. Lately been getting some calls from credit card centre promoting some insurance products. PA and credit free stuffs. Depending on when they call up…. sometime if I’m on the road along on some highways in a boring afternoon, these calls are most welcomed. At least there’s someone to talk to so that I wont doze off while driving.

Just today, a guy called up to do a survey about the Heineken card I received recently. Man… luckily he’s someone with patience. He endured a few minutes of bullshit and crap from me on how to make the service better. So, these telephonists are also trying to make a living. Just layan them a bit if you need some one to talk to when you’re driving so that you dont fall asleep and give my boss another business. Drive safe and be merry.


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