Valid for all countries except:

The other day when I was in Europe and had some chats with the only South African couple of Indian Muslim descent, I told them that we Malaysians are not permitted to travel to Israel. The couple were like “what the fuck??!” and in real disbelief. We were talking about something during dinner that lead to him bringing up his merry tales of his visit to Israel. The Dr. from Johannesberg… a chinese accupuncture and shiatsu practitioner by profession, was in total disbelief and lost of words after I told him that we were even once not permitted to go to South Africa before they abolished apartheid.

Then I pulled out my passport to show him that very page:

He then quickly whipped out his camera to take a picture of this page. He wanted to show to his mates back home.

And… here’s the old passport (just in case he reads my blog):



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