This is a long overdue post. Well, would like to congrat my friend for his wedding last month. Dinner was held at Selayang Palace…… in our hometown. A car accident happened to one of the entourage car earlier in the morning while on the way to the bride’s house. The cameraman and the videoographer was in that car. Well, it was just a minor bump to the rear bumper by a taxi coming from behind. Nothing really serious.

It was an assembly of all the buddies. On table 86: Mun Choon & Uncle Lim.

Yea Chern. Why is he not wearing a tie?

I think I was overdressed. That’s why a batik shirt is always the best for any function. It is formal attire and its suits any occasion and you dont look overdressed.

Yea Chern was singing a Jacky Cheung’s song to his wife.

Uncle Lim and Daniel F were singing chinese song (Alan Tam’s song) and I dont read a chinese words just pretend like I’m singing.

Ok. Here’s all the ladies… old friends and the missus. I dont know why they bent down a bit. Coming up around the corner is Sean Kok Ming’s grand wedding.