Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck was the host city of Winter Olympics oof 1964 and 1976. We reached there in the evening after visiting Swarovski.

As the name suggest, this is a theater house. That Indian guy is Muhammad…. the only South African in our group. The other 2 ladies in jeans seen here are the Brazillians.

This is where we bought our lunch. The shops at the aldstadt are interesting.

Pork shop. Meat, sausages, ham and bacons.

Schnapps. There’s a shop where they allow schnapps tasting for free. Our tour group swarmed the shop and I dont know if any of them buy anything from the shop. Schnapps is liquor.

Food is expensive here and the most value for money food is italian food. Pizzerias are everywhere. The spaghetti I had here was great… one of the best cabonara I’ve ever had. Italian bierra. I’m not interested in schnapps. Also the al-fresco dining is great as the weather was cool and there’s no car moving around there. Sitting there and just lepak, watching people around is surely a relaxing experience.

Free flow drinking water. They also have it in Florence, Rome and Venice.

The famous Golden Roof in Innsbruck. Whats the significance? The Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) is a landmark in Innsbruck, Austria built in 1500. It was decorated with 2657 fire-gilded copper tiles for Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor. The reliefs on the balcony show coats of arms, symbols and other figures in his life.

The Golden Roof was built by Archduke Friedrich IV in the early 15th century as the residence of the Tirolean sovereigns. The Golden Roof actually is the three-story balcony on the central plaza at the heart of the Old Town. It was constructed for Emperor Maximilian I to serve as a royal box where he could sit in luxury and enjoy tournaments in the square below. Completed at the dawn of the 16th century, the Golden Roof was built in honor of Maximilian’s second marriage, to Bianca Maria Sforza of Milan. Not wishing to alienate the allies gained by his first marriage, to Maria of Burgundy, he had an image of himself between the two women painted on his balcony.

Ross (slapping his face) and Noemi.

I just love the mountains and the sceneries.

Sill River (Wipptal).

Taken at the bridge.

A chinese restaurant up ahead….. the residential area road is going uphill.

A nice building. Szer is entering a second hand bookshop.



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