RIP Kugan

Another macha died…while in police custody.  A suspect for luxury car theft, A. Kugan was bashed and whacked to death while in lockup. There are physical wounds on his body but the fucking doctor quack ruled that it is liquid in lungs in the post mortem report. Yeah he drank too much booze the nite before. Fuck lah. I think they must have tortured the … Continue reading RIP Kugan

Natural organic treament

Trees and plants are the foundation of both traditional and modern medicine. Leaves and barks contain powerful chemicals demonstrating quantitative antimicrobial properties, stronger than the most powerful antibiotics available. Chemicals in these plants inhibit fungal, viral, and bacterial growth. Forces of Nature used it in the current pharmacology to treat a wide spectrum of medical ailments including genital warts. The secret of Forces of Nature’s … Continue reading Natural organic treament