Morning in Munich

Guten morgen ! The breakfast at the hotel was great….. the best breakfast for the entire trip… where they have free flow of real german sausages….. thick fat thin small short long…. all sizes for your liking. I whack a whole plate full of sausages.

So after that, we checked out and headed straight into the city again. Munich at night was nice…. the buildings were lit up brightly…. weather was just nice.

The bus dropped us here and from there we ventured ourselves. Here I was standing on the bicycle lane risking my life to take this picture.

Ok… now where do we go? I dont know… anywhere… we’re tourist. No we’re traveller. No we’re tourist. Ok, whatever.

Kaiser Ludwig’s statue in the background. And a Mini….. haha. Was wearing the Mannschaft tshirt.

Englischer Garten…. travel guide book said this park is more expensive than Kensington Park or Hyde Park in London.

It was cold and foggy…

Teathiner Kirche

The entrance to the aldstadt… old city…. inner Munich.

Maggi… and their showcase and retail shop.

Munchener Detektive…. private investigator service

St. Peter’s Catholic Church, the oldest church in inner Munich.

I like the idea of putting mannequin at the window

Spielzeugmuseum, (Toy Museum) at Marienplatz

Some of the toys displayed

The Glockenspiel….. everyone was waiting for it to come to life at 11.00am. Munich is world famous for this structure.

The clockwork is actually boring….


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