Munchener Hell

Guten tag. Alright….. here’s the long overdue post. We reached Munich in the evening after visiting Dachau. Checked into a nice brand new hotel…. Azimut.

We were supposed to stay in the hotel next to azimut but there was some last-minute glitches and contiki switched the hotel for us. Well, we were glad as the hotel is nicer, cleaner and its new. Maybe it just opened recently.

A bunch of italians occupied the hotel that nite. Bayern Munich vs Fiorentina for Champions League that night.

So, the first stop in town…. Glockenspiel. Everyone was hungry but Richie insist that we see it first. Thats the main attraction in the centre of Munich. This is the best nite shot we’ve got. After that, we headed straight to the best beer garden in the world…. Hofbrauhaus.

From left: Amanda (partially covered), myself, the senior American couple, Gary and Steven. Seen here in the picture on the next table is Niki and Shanell. I love this beer. By the way, give the jolly Steven a vote. He’s a nice guy.

The lady is Maria. Szer took the pictures.

My favourite beer. Now I prefer this to Paulaner.

Together with german sausages…. it was great dinner.

Germans take their beer very seriously. They even have their personal stein locked up at the beer hall so that they can used it when they come here for a drink. Behind these steins was a bunch of fellow tour mates with our tour manager, Richie. He was later kicked out by bouncers immediately after bringing down his underwear let alone his trousers. They were piss drunk.

After dinner, szer and I separated from the rest and we explored the city on our own.

Just some random pictures…

One thing I realised is that europeans like to put statue on the corner edge of buildings.

Passed by a pub and a bunch of local Bayern Munich fans was watching the game. Just as I stood into the crowd to check the score, Munich scored their 3rd goal against Fiorentina. Here I was celebrating with the locals with both my hands up in the air…

The taste of Paulaner there is different from the one we got here in Deutsches Haus and Bavarian Bierhaus, two of the more famous german food joint.


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  1. Wow, that is one of the famous beer in the world, you should have go there earlier during september where they have their oktoberfest, then you can enjoy more beer… Maybe you can help snap some more beer picture or write a few post for me, that I can show it on my blog. Germany sure is a beer kaki paradise… Did you drop by belgium, they have good variety of beer too….cheers!

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