Met an old friend a few days ago and had some chat. As usual, when old friends meet, we usually reminisce the old days and joke about how everyone changed.

Many old friends…. mostly schoolmates… have changed over the years….. from hairstyle to body size and plain jane to spice girl (or vice versa) etc. However, this friend I talked to is like forever young and he still look the same as he look some 10 years ago. He still retain the same hairstyle, same jolly character and same body shape/size. His overall look, skin tone and fashion etc…. is still the same.

So I asked him what is the secret for all this and he said most of the the guys at this point of life… I mean at this late 20s of age is starting to worry about the future and it is all the worries that make someone age (wrinkle lines will develop). This is especially true when many of your peers are getting in track to entering the next level of life – having a family. Yeah, you can say this is peer pressure.

Ok back to the topic. So, this friend of mine is quite lucky that he is already married with 3 kids and have a healthy income from his business. He stressed that in order to look young is to not worry about  all the money problem and compare yourself with other people. Petty things like when you don’t have much savings when your friends are buying big houses, big diamond rings and etc… will only make yourself unhappy and lead to aging as you go through the stress.

Hmm, maybe he is right….. most of us have money problem to worry. So, his secret is to be happy…. but fuck… how to be happy when you have money problem? You cannot help but to worry, right? It is true that when we grow older, there are more pressure but is there anything you can do?




  1. tihtahpah: yeah….

    Galli: somehow, we just need to have the equal balance of both.

    psychoacid: yo…. howdy? how’s life down under?

    $$ : but then, we need money to do things…. isn’t it?

    desmond: Thats it. “Almost” everything.

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