I touched the grass at OT

The dream of every football fan is to visit the home ground of their favourite team. It was so kind of Uncle Robert… a hardcore Aston Villa fan… to take us to the home of their archrival. Well, for appreciation of his effort, I’ve agreed that he take us to Villa Park in Birmingham, the home ground of the strongest team in the Midlands to catch a glimpse of their stadium. I’m not going to show the world the picture I took at Villa Park. Haha.

So… from there, we went to Manchester….the United part of it only though.

The legend.

The megastore is HUGE. Well, when you are a club as big as this, your cash cow is merchandise.

Frankly speaking, I dislike the No. 7 in the background poster. He’d better off being in Hollywood.

Fergie’s achievement in his career.

The famous Stretfod End. It was named after the nearby town, Stretfod, that the West Stand is facing.

The name that needs no introduction.

My lovely photographer and I at the south-east corner of the stadium. The pitch look very near and small as opposed to what you see in TV.

The clock is frozen in time.

South Stand is now also known as Munich Tunnel since Feb 2008… to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Munich tragedy….

The International Honours Board. What happened to Johan’s son, Jordi?

Q: Platini or Zidane?
A: Cantona !

The captains.

A friend asked me to get him a jersey exactly the same as this…. with Giggs 11 on the back minus the EPL/Champions League sleeve badge. The jersey £43, “Giggs” £7 and “11” is also £7. Altogether £57.

Coming out from the tunnel.

I touched the grass. Luckily the tour guide did not see me sitting on the curb for this pose let alone touching the grass. I would’ve been prosecuted by the club.

The United Trinity – Best Law Charlton.

After the tour, we received a certificate. It was a memorable visit. From Manchester, we went off to Liverpool for a night after that.  Thanks to Uncle Robert to drive us all the way to Liverpool to drop us there.



  1. Holy cow…u make me so so so wana go to Old Trafford.

    I like you photos too, especially the one in front of all the sponsor boards, where the Man of the Match interviews take place hehe…

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