Swarovski Crystal

I don’t know if its part of the itinerary, but the visit to Swarovski (while heading to Innsbruck, Austria) was interesting… firstly for the scenery… the Tyrol region…. the Alps, the vast green fields and country side. We all love these postcard-picture/calendar scene and this is it. I would certainly want to spend a few days at these “kampung” (village) but too bad…. I dont … Continue reading Swarovski Crystal

Munchener Hell

Guten tag. Alright….. here’s the long overdue post. We reached Munich in the evening after visiting Dachau. Checked into a nice brand new hotel…. Azimut. We were supposed to stay in the hotel next to azimut but there was some last-minute glitches and contiki switched the hotel for us. Well, we were glad as the hotel is nicer, cleaner and its new. Maybe it just … Continue reading Munchener Hell