The word “Dachau” would send shiver down the spine of those living during that time of the great conflict.

Being a fan of WWII history, my wish of visiting a concentration camp came true…. thanks to Richie and Antonio, the Contiki tour managers. If not for them, I would’ve had difficulties finding the way to the camp from Munich and with limited time. The study of WWII history would not be complete if you have never visit such an inhumane place. Other bigger and more established camps such as Auschwitz and Mathausen would be more educative to visit but Dachau is the prototype for other concentration camps that followed. This is where it all started.

Ok, for more info, read here.

Tablet at the main entrance dedicated to the liberators of the camp. Go and watch Band of Brothers…

The main entrance of the camp. There’s a small river in front of it.

“Arbeit Macht Frei”, the word that gave millions of people nightmares and false hope. It means work will set you free.

Near the entrance of the museum.

One of the vast exhibits in the museum.

The main courtyard.

This is where rows of prisoner barracks once stood.

The prisoner bunks.

Prisoner sinks.

Prisoner toilet.

“Never again”.


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