Damn, its Amsterdam !

It was quite a long ride on the bus from London to Amsterdam. From Dover, we crossed the Channel by ferry to Calais. After that, the road to Amsterdam was damn long…. it was my first time being on bus for so long since years ago. Plain green fields were everywhere on both side of the road.

We stopped at a rest station for a quick bite. Their rest station is like the Marche restaurant we have here.

This salad was the cheapest food we can get there….. but its very delicious. The salad was awesome.

This confirmed that I was really in Neatherland.

After a long ride in the bus… everyone was so tired and look at their luggage bags…so big as compared to ours.

Amsterdam at night. Taken when the rest of them went for a canal cruise while we roamed the streets of Amsterdam.

Man, it was cold but beautiful.

According to Richie, the tour manager, this “coffee shop” is one of the renown one. “Coffee shops” here sell all kinds of weed and others such cake, magic mushrooms etc. Red Light District is behind this building. Too bad we were advised not to take any pictures in the RLD or risk camera to be confiscated by gangstas.

Just some random buildings…… and cafes and coffee shops.

I was there. Thats all.

On the way to the town….

Its just nice to walk around in Amsterdam. Everywhere seem so near.

Where’s the black tulip?

A happy family… Dutch family.

The dick is 3D.

The boobs are 3D too.

So, Amsterdam was a great. So many things to see.



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