London part 1

We reached London in the evening and it was cold. To me it was very cold… and thats why I chose this time of the year to go. Just sick of the hot weather we have here.

Travel post cannot do without touristy photo such as this taken at Piccadilly Circus. That structure may be one the most photographed structure of its kind. I need not elaborate much of this place as it is so famous that you may have heard about it. The nearby Regent Street is a shoping haven.

Went to Chinatown for lunch… KL hokkien mee. Eh… the food is comparable to some of the famous hokkien mee you can get in KL. Granny was so happy to see Chinatown. After lunch, went to places around there…. Trafalgar Square, National Portrait Gallery, Covent Garden Market, and places around there. I just couldn’t remember all the names.

Roads in London are very narrow even for many main roads.

In the evening, went to Contiki’s basement office near Russell Square for a briefing and check-in for the trip… we’re going to Europe the next morning. 

After the briefing, we walked around looking for the tube station but was made walking around by a man selling bus ticket at the Euston bus station. Arrgh… there’s another tube station, but the guy showed us to Euston Square just down the road. We didn’t know…. and walked…. then we looked at the map again and felt something is wrong. Turned back and we found the station we wanted to go is just right behind the bugger’s office. Arrgh. He’s from africa anyway.

When Szer was taking this a picture of me at the subway, this bloke just jumped in, standing next to me. I was shocked at first and thought someone gonna rob me. Then when i see him in his friar robe, I know he just wanna have fun. A bunch of his gang were heading for some play I’d guess.

And so, we headed home and packed our luggage that nite for Europe. By the way, I think i should invest in a good tripod so that next time when we go holiday, there will be more pictures of both of us together. For now, mostly are single person pictures.


  1. Too short a time to say whether I like London or not…. as far as a tourist is concerned, their public transport is very efficient, good beers are so cheap and other stuffs are bit pricey after conversion.

    Furthermore not many Britons like London… like my uncle who stays in the Midlands. London is infested by non-Brit-origin-people.

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