Bachelors' Bangkok trip – Part 1

The night flight was rather bumpy and cold due to the rain. When we reached Suvanarbhumi Airport, it was cold and the bus ride to the terminal was quite scary. A busload of people heading to i-dont-know-where. The distance could have been like Selayang Mall to Kepong Jusco. Yeah, it was that far.

Luckily the hotel we booked was near the one of the main nightspot in Bangkok, Nana. After checking in at midnite, the night was spent drinking a bit and slept early. Wong reached Bkk the next morning.

Come morning, went for the complimentary breakfast by the hotel… Omni Tower serviced apartment. Breakfast consist of just two slices of bread, two sunnyside-up (ho pau tan), butter and jam. A glass of coffee and orange juice. Its not a buffet breakfast and it was in a small conference room.

When Wong reached, we went out for breakfast again. Wong took us to a roadside stall where they sell stewed pork, intestine and other stuffs. Something like lou chi yuk. They all had their breakfast while Sean and I went looking for supermarket to buy mineral water and Oreo biscuits. Saw some imported new Guiness Stout in can which can be shaken. I forgot its name. I REGRETTED it for life that I didn’t buy it despite carrying a 280 baht price tag. Read on if you wanna know why.

After breakfast, we went to the Grand Palace for sightseeing. Wong, who has been there regularly for work and family trips, was our tour guide. Btw, always adhere to the no-smoking policy in buildings and certain public places.

Yea Chern took this photo.

There were many local and foreign tourists buying tickets and here’s the way leading to the entrance of the tour. The schoolgirls in uniform as you can see in this pic, asked us in Mandarin if we’re Chinese. Wong answered in Mandarin telling them we’re Japanese and the girls walked off. Man, we’re not paedos.

I just love the vast murals.

Ng touched the wall….. catch him !!!

Temple of the Emerald Buddha. We saw the Buddha in rainy season attire.

So hot we have to buy overpriced tasteless fruit juice to quench our thirst.

Saw some statues of men of ancient China. The Thais originated from China anyway I’d guess.

The Palace with mixed French and Thai architecture.

I wish my house can have the same colourful roof as that in the background.

Baris… baris sediap. Jangan senang diri. The royal guard must have wanted to stab tourists with the bayonet who make fun of them by doing all kinds of poses next to them. The guards are emotionless. Well, thats the protocol.

Ok, after we’re done at The Grand Palace, we went to Pratunam Market. The taxi driver who took us there was an ex Thai boxer. He suffered an accident to the leg. He’s now a coach and he showed us muay thai training ground as we pass by along the way to Pratunam.

The guys wanted to shop for themselves and the ladies at home. This is the beginning of the shopping madness.

After shopping at Pratunam, we went to this post shopping mall for dinner. Central Plaza or something, I forgot the name.

We skipped lunch and we certainly needed dinner after walking the whole day. This is taken at a Thai restaurant, Banana Beach Restaurant, while waiting tom yum and other authentic Thai dishes to be served.

After dinner, accompanied my best buddy for a fag. I smoke when I want to.

Ng, Ken and myself were looking at the nice bags from outside as we thought it was expensive as Sean was so busy browsing the shop. Then Wong called Ng to ask us to go and see the cheap bags. At first we dont believe… but seeing is believing.

Ended up, everyone bought bags for the ladies back home. So cheap you cannot say you’re not buying any of it.

While waiting for Ng to do his big business, we sat here for a rest and look at the stuffs we’ve bought.

The lady on the phone turned away as we were talking too loud. Yea Chern caught sms’ing his wife to tell her he bought bags for her. Geez.

Fountains. We were heading towards the BTS station. Their train service is very efficient.

Yet another shopping centre, Erawan. Ng, overlooking the shrine of 4-faced Buddha.

Every building have a nice shrine for the 4-faced Buddha. Wong said this is the most famous shrine in downtown Bangkok.

After getting back to our apartment for shower and a short rest, we headed out to Nana entertainment centre (a renowned sex mall as stated in some websites)…. which is just walking distance to the place we’re staying. Saw some pole dancing show and ladyboys show. Sometime its hard to distinguish who is real and who is fake. When the place closed at 2am, went back to apartment to drink and chatted as there’s a crisis happening to one of the buddy. Im not gonna elaborate more about it.

Btw, I can’t find any Guiness Stout in Bangkok. 7-11 doesn’t have it, mini market, restaurants and pubs also don’t have it. When I asked the people do they serve Guiness Stout, they dont know what the hell is it and gave me a strange look. They just dont know what the fuck is Guiness Stout. I dont mind if they have only Royal Stout or any other brand…. I needed stout but… they just dont know what is stout. Arrgh. I wanted to shout “Where the fuck can I get Guiness Stout in Bangkok???!!”

Stay tuned for the Day 2 happenings.



  1. There are no noti pics as the pole dancing and ladyboys shows were not allowed to take picture.

    Sean attempted to take pic from his PDA but was caught by a waitress.

  2. =_=”… no comments on that…
    By the way, pls read ur mail on the expenses that we shared for the Black Label & the Dinner at the restaurant… Need to settle my credit card…

  3. Endroo,
    You forgot the part where you guys are practically still sleeping like pigs at the time I reach the apartment at 10 am…
    I knew you are going to bring up the schoolgirl issue, still “blaming” me for it, otherwise maybe we could have some thai schoolgirls as local tour guides…

    Dinner at Central World…. then we went shopping at Naraya located at ground floor.
    You could try in Siam Paragon or Siam Discovery as well…. if adventurous then can go for road side stall… diarrhea pills not included.. hehe

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