Bangkok Trip – Day 2

The hotel provided tuk-tuk service. Every morning we went out on this iconic ride. The snack is tasty. Its something like apam. The one rolled with sausage is the best. Getting some padthai and other famous Thai dishes. This place is something like Bangsar… Batu Keras… Hard Rock Cafe. Ng wanted to add yet another overrated, expensive and boring Hard Rock t-shirt to his collection. … Continue reading Bangkok Trip – Day 2

UEFA boss Platini backing salary cap idea

UEFA president Michel Platini believes a salary cap needs to be introduced into football for the good of the game. The UEFA president has given his backing to capping wages. The topic of football finances has been debated in recent days with Football Association chairman Lord Triesman claiming English clubs currently owe an estimated £3billion in debt and that a salary cap could help the … Continue reading UEFA boss Platini backing salary cap idea

Water boots

It rained heavily in Klang yesterday. Sungai Rasah was flooded… with the worst hit place should be Tan Chong Service Centre. A stray dog guided me the way…. as certain part of the place, the water level may be higher. Luckily I have a pair of boots ready in my car…. just for situation such as this. Everywhere was flooded as can be seen from … Continue reading Water boots