Ex-gratia payment?

Well, my insurance agent called yesterday to inform me that the cheque was in his hand. Cheque?! Yaaahooooooo !! It was 4-digit figure on it. Ok… that was the payment for the claim for my accident last year. The weekly indemnity benefit to ease my loss of income for the days I was on medical leave.

I was too happy as I thought the claim will be repudiated as the doctor commented in the medical report that I was under the influence of alcohol when I fell on the road and hurt my jaw. The doctor did the right thing by telling the truth. Anyhow, I bank in the cheque and the rest is history. Money came just right on time. I’m going holiday next month.

But talking about claims, I was supposed to go Solo, Indonesia with my dearest in early September last year as we’ve book the air asia flight. The accident happened to me on the last week of August, forcing the trip to be cancelled as I was not able to open my mouth, let alone climbing the steps of Borobodur. I totally forgotten about the insurance bought and thought everything was wasted. I was not aware of the cancellation section of the travel policy until recently (who will really read the insurance policy?). Man, they are liable to pay had I made a claim for cancellation of the trip due to serious accidental bodily injury not anticipated during the time of purchase of the air ticket.


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