Buddhist monks on the streets of KL

Alright…. I’m not writing a post criticising the religion. Its just that something I saw today I wanted to share. Ok. It was lunch time today and while I was coming out of Crowne Plaza after visiting the travel agent, I saw a bunch of men clad in monk robes sat under the Raja Chulan monorail station. They were chatting among themselves.

These men were preying for someone who’d give them some donations. Well, as I was crossing the road, one of them suddenly ran and crossed the road despite some oncoming motorcycles and cars. I wondered why suddenly this fella tried to cross the road is such haste. Then after I crossed over to the other side of the road, I saw a caucasion tourist couple were talking to that monk just now. The tourist seem like believing that they are doing charity donation and really gave the monk some cash. The monks are preying the tourists who doesn’t know about the scam.

Geez, passers-by just walked pass and look at them. An Indian man saw me looking at them and he just smiled at me. We’re just helpless. We just don’t want to risk our life by getting mob by a bunch of monks. Ha.

So, a note to tourists and backpackers to Kuala Lumpur…. just dont try to be good by giving donations to monks, beggars and Chinese people telling you he lost his luggage and asking you for some money to take a cab or buy an air ticket to go home. When someone approach you, just walk away. If beggars who can walk to you and ask for money, why should you give him money. He can work for his money. Well, only if you’ve seen monks puffing away on the streets, you won’t will believe that they are all under an underworld syndicate that hired them to make money from donations. It true ok.

Stay away from monks, priest and other religious people asking for donations on the streets.



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