Products recalled after China milk scandal

I got this from a forwarded email. It reads:- The following items have been recalled due to China ‘s milk situation. This is real. * 1) M&M’s 2) Snickers 3) Mento’s yoghurt bottle 4) Dove choc 5) Oreo wafer sticks 6) Monmilk 7) Dutchlady sterilised milk 8) Wall’s all natural mango 9) Mini poppers ice cream 10) Magnum ice cream 11) Moo sandwich ice cream … Continue reading Products recalled after China milk scandal

… And justice for all?

Hi there, been sometime since I last posted anything. Firstly, congrats to Sean who signed the papers last week at Putrajaya. No photo is available for the use of this post. The past 2 weeks been rather dramatic in the country’s political scene. Ponder this – nothing happen to the stupid person who inflicted racial tension but the journalist who reported the event was detained … Continue reading … And justice for all?

Buddhist monks on the streets of KL

Alright…. I’m not writing a post criticising the religion. Its just that something I saw today I wanted to share. Ok. It was lunch time today and while I was coming out of Crowne Plaza after visiting the travel agent, I saw a bunch of men clad in monk robes sat under the Raja Chulan monorail station. They were chatting among themselves. These men were … Continue reading Buddhist monks on the streets of KL

The Color of Freedom

Bille August’s inspirational docudrama Goodbye Bafana begins in 1968, with South Africa buried neck-deep in the horrors of apartheid and Nelson Mandela (Dennis Haysbert) — then an underground leader of the African National Congress — imprisoned on Robben Island for sedition. As the story opens, the native African population of the country — 25,000,000 in number — buckles beneath the crippling weight of the racist … Continue reading The Color of Freedom