Are you merdeka?

First and foremost, I wanna wish you all happy merdeka. How’s the day? How was the merdeka eve celebration?

Well, glad to have a pot-luck party with my homies at Towkay’s place. Its not a sincere pot-luck anyway as most of the food were bought. The preparation notice was rather short for everyone to be available let alone to cook food. Gone are the days when we’d go and trouble ourselves to watch fireworks in town. Except to the time when we booked a room on the 20 something-th floor in a hotel in the Golden Triangle and watched the firework display at KLCC like it was just right in front of us.

Ok. This morning, I felt very malaysian because after the walk at the Asia Jaya park with my dearest, we went for traditional banana leaf feast at Vishal, Brickfields. I guess this is something only we Malaysians have the priviledge to enjoy. We, Malaysians comprise of people of various different descent and cultures can live in peace and eat different kinds of food. I cannot ask for more as the breakfast only cost me RM11.60 for 2 people and I felt bloated after that. Thosai, idily, vaadai, mee hoon, coffee, chutney and dhal.

Afternoon, was also rather adventurous as we went to Ulu Yam for the original loh mee. Well, you can actually get good loh mee from an uncle who hails from Ulu Yam at the Selayang Jaya market. He’s none other than Andy Law’s uncle. Haha. My dearest been wanting to go and see the Sg. Tua waterfalls and I thought why don’t we go Ulu Yam for loh mee. The waterfalls were full of people and cars were everywhere along the main road and the parking places. All the waterfall stops were full of people. Mat rempits in convoy was also a common sight. The town of Ulu Yam was very lively as there were a lot of people from other places went there for loh mee and exotic delicacies perhaps. I had a good terrapin and frog meal there before.

That was merdeka celebration. Luckily, we avoided big shopping malls on holidays like this. What a boring merdeka day. Maybe tomorrow, we are going to the national museum. Hehe. It was kinda blocked today as we were unable to enter its car park as the army deployed their tanks, artileries and a batallion of GI there after the parade.

Majulah blogging untuk negara. Selamat Hari Merdeka.



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