Pantang Superstitious

Attended yet another wake….. funeral…. last weekend. This time, my grand uncle is not around anymore. Sometime its sad to see the people you have seen for many years now going away one by one. Man, just feel like we are really getting older.

Almost the whole family attended the wake except the uncle who is getting married next week and his whole family. His mom… the sister of the deceased, reminded us and the rest who went to the wake.. not to go to her house and her sons’. Chinese sure have a lot of superstitious customs and pantang-larang.

But then, as long as my knowledge serves, these pantang only valid to the immediate family of the deceased. The wife and children of the deceased should not attend any functions during the mourning period. Only the deceased’s elder or younger brother(s) should observe the pantang. Deceased’s married sisters and their families need not follow all these crap.

I remember my granny (the deceased uncle’s eldest sister) was told by my deceased uncle’s mother in-law that she cannot attend the funeral at the mortuary because she is 1. elder 2. female & married (off) the family.

Granny just layan’ed her, nodded yes-um-ah, and then just hopped onto the bus with us and off we went to the mortuary for the cremation. “What rubbish, I can’t even go to my brother’s funeral?” she asked. Long live granny. I just feel lucky that granny never observed these rubbish pantangs at home. Apparently, the mother in-law is same age with my granny.

Ok, I will not elaborate long on the matter as it will cause customary unrest.


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