Yeah, its true about the spa

Got a free complimentary 1 hour massage from True Spa (subsidiary of True Fitness) at Jaya 33, PJ.  So both of us, my szer and I went and I knew it will be some sort of marketing ploy. Well, luckily the person supposed to give us the sales talk was not present or else we would’ve sat there listening to endless crap.

The complimentary foot spa (not foot reflexology massage, mind you) was rather so-so. I’ve chose for foot massage. They gave me option of foot spa, shoulder massage and back scrub. Well, the place is quite nice. Its on the 4th Floor of Jaya 33 building…. one floor above the gym, True Fitness and there’s a swimming pool under construction. They have this massage chair where they have a jacuzzi for your feet. It is not so ergonomically to sit and have your feet massaged as you have to be alert to avoid your feet falling into the water in the jacuzzi. The complimentary massage was just for 30 minutes. They cheated us. Another 30 minutes was supposed for the sales talk.

However, the cute plump girl attended to us was rather nice by letting us know that the person supposed to talk to us was not present and we can just leave some contacts.. friends and relatives that might be interested for the massage package or should I say membership. Hey…. the normal price and even member’s price is still quite expensive. I thought they’d bundle it together with the gym membership package.

Anyway, we’ve sold many of you readers’ contacts in return for 30 minutes of indulgence. We’ve got no choice. Haha. What do you say? If you get a call from True Spa, chances are it is from me or szer. Enjoy your spa ok.


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