Car repairers up charges 30%

PETALING JAYA (JUNE 26, 2008): The Federal Territory and Selangor Automobile Repairers Association has announced a 30% increase in charges, effective next month.

Citing inflationary pressure as the main reason, association chairman Datuk Ho Yoon Ping said the increase covers all types of repair works. As for spare parts and materials used for repairs, he said workshops will charge according to market prices.

“Apart from a 35% to 45% increase in materials for spraying and paint works in 2002, the charges for other repair works have not been adjusted for the last 11 years,” said Ho, in justifying the hike.

He also explained that inflationary pressure is forcing mechanics and apprentices to demand a 30% raise in their salary.

“As such, it is not unreasonable for us to increase our charges by a similar quantum,” he said.

Apart from repair works, he said the charges for towing and insurance claims have also been increased.

He said he will direct some 900 members of the association to display the new list of charges prominently in their premises, and would makesure that the increases do not exceed 30%.

Mindful that cars have become a necessity rather than a luxury for motorists, he hoped the hike will not hurt them too much.

Source:  by Kong See Hoh


One comment

  1. Well, everythings’ on the rise but not our salary/wages. Since these repairers are upping their charges, I’d guess that we ask for a raise too since my job deals mainly with all these people.

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