Amber Chia and the screwed radio ad

Ok, i don’t know if you realise it but this afternoon I was driving in the scorching sun and suddenly Amber Chia was heard in a radio advert endorsing Pensonic electrical goods. Yeah… she’s a very beautiful model but just leave that to the TV or print media. Her good look is just for the TV and print media and NOT radio where voice and speech is a major concern because I heard the supposed word “vibrant” from her became “viblant” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder if I was a bit sleepy at that time and all the noise from outside the car interfered with my hearing…. I don’t mind heavy indian, malay or chinese accent in ads but not vibrant replaced with viblant. I just cannot accept it. Arrghh. Hope I can hear that ad again to confirm if she said that “viblant” word.

Hope they are not gonna get David Beckham to endorse dustbin or electric shavers on air in the future. You all know how he sounds like.



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