Car repairers up charges 30%

PETALING JAYA (JUNE 26, 2008): The Federal Territory and Selangor Automobile Repairers Association has announced a 30% increase in charges, effective next month. Citing inflationary pressure as the main reason, association chairman Datuk Ho Yoon Ping said the increase covers all types of repair works. As for spare parts and materials used for repairs, he said workshops will charge according to market prices. “Apart from … Continue reading Car repairers up charges 30%

0330 hrs

I was awaken by the Handphonetron transforming sound. An sms from Daniel Franklin informing me the first goal of the Portugal-beating bash. I was a bit in a “hangover” condition and was a bit tired and thought of leaving it to fate for Germany to progress on to the semi-final. In short, I was a bit sleepy and reluctant to get up. I was back … Continue reading 0330 hrs

Germany: A chance for glory

Dealing with pressure has never really been a problem for the German national team, which is just as well given their status as tournament favourites going into the 2008 European Championships. A quick glance at the record books reveals that Germany boast one of the richest and most successful footballing heritages in the game, both before and after reunification in October 1990. West Germany have … Continue reading Germany: A chance for glory