Took the monorail to go to class this evening and as usual, it was the rush hour. Time was like about 5.45pm and there’s quite a lot of people squeezing in and out of the monorail train. Ok, BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS IN THE MONORAIL TRAIN. You’ll see a lot of malay or indonesian guys standing near the train door, and you must beware. They are pickpockets.

Its easy to differentiate a malicious person…. ok… I know if someone is up to no good. I’m very alert when these natakaran or mat rempit-like people come near me as I was a victim of mat rempit snatch thieve sometime ago. They normally wear tshirts and quite smelly. They don’t seem to need to work hence they wear smelly casual outfits- tshirt, jeans etc. They normally operate in a group of 2-3 people so that they can disperse off easily.

There’s this guy standing right behind me and luckily I was holding my book and jacket. My hands were on both side touching my wallet with my one hand and handphone with another hand. Then suddenly a hand wander to my pocket and trying to force into my pocket. Instantly I know it was a pickpocket in operation. I looked at the guy and he pretended to look out of the window. My hand kept pressing my pocket and my book helped a bit to block the probing hand. Then I looked stared at the guy and again he pretended and looked out of the window. At the next station, he quickly left knowing his operation foiled by me.

Now… I regret for not punching him or at least alert all the other commuters. The train was packed and there were many ladies around. Now, maybe i should have a blade or something sharp handy so that I can teach these fellas a lesson.

Advice for guys: Always keep your hands in your pocket and safeguard your valuables in pockets- handphone, wallet etc. The front pockets of your trousers are easy target. Don’t talk on phone and get distracted. Be sensitive on all body contacts.

Advice for ladies: Keep everything precious in your handbag and keep your bag in front of your chest. Again, don’t talk on the phone and be sensitive on all body contacts.