Ok, went to FRIM last Sunday and it was so tiring after the short hike up the hill to the canopy walkway. Ng and Bee Fong chickened out. Tried to setup MC with my szer’s indonesian colleague. Haha. Man, its been quite sometime I have not go there. Now my szer is so keen of going there again and its way better than going to TTDI park for walk/exercise.

We asked a stranger to take this for us when we reached the canopy walk entrance after a long walk. Geez, I almost fainted for short of breath.

I was warned to not jump and swing the bridge. Well, maybe I’m not scared and I have not thought of the consequences should the bridge give away and snap. Yeah, maybe there’s no crocodile waiting below to feast on us or vietcongs chasing us so I don’t really cared.

On one of the “station” along the walkway. The one in Taman Negara is also as interesting but its longer length. Ah, well, it is the longest in the world. See here for the one in Taman Negara.