NZS – Ngau Cheh Sui @ Ara Damansara

Went to NZS (Ngau Cheh Sui) in Ara Damansara with my szer yesterday. What a name?! The much-hyped place in recent months, is a bit like Petaling Street but its not as crowded and there’s a lot of upcoming cafes and eateries. There’s one cafe that etched into my mind, Adios Cafe…a very quiet cafe probably as the name suggest… the patrons rathers say adios to them. Haha. Again, what a name.

Then, I was suddenly in need of haste to unload and quickly looked for the toilet. Things was like almost gushing out. The pathetic toilet was stuffy. There’s something wrong with the hand drier as it keep on running and blowing hot air. There’s not ventilation or maybe ventilation is rather bad. There’s only 2 cubicles for serious business. One was taken. Left only one for me. So I went in first to check the toilet paper and there none of it. Went and take a few meters of paper at the wash basin. Stuff was on the brink of gushing out. Unbuttoned the jeans as I rushed back into the cubicle.

Oh fuck !!! The door lock was already broken. Cannot lock the fucking door. Arrghghghhghgh. I was so damn desperate. No choice but to use my hand to push the door and keep it closed. The toilet bowl was a bit far from the door than toilets normally do. So I yank down the jean a it was heaven after things gushed out. Then there’s a lot of people came in and out of the toilet.. and everyone pushed the door and I was so terrified. I am stretching out to reach the door with only my fingers.

What an experience. Overall the place is ok. Worth checking out if you’re bored of the crowded Petaling Street. They have some nice stuffs over there… tons of ladies clothing, some nice casual jeans, fake watches, asam laksa stall, Big Apple donuts, Starbucks, Adios Cafe, cafes with live gigs (chinese songs), telephone shops, reptile exhibition, hawker food stalls, souvenir shops, pubs etc.



  1. well, to a certain degree, i will agree with you. Its hot. They need more fan and ventilation but many shops install their own unit of air conditioning.

    Pirated stuffs… haha… like i said… its just like Petaling Street minus the crowd.

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