Don't send the Altantuya murderers to heaven

Was in Aman Puri during lunchtime yesterday and drove around the Ho Yee Kee Prawn Mee shop looking for a place to get a copy of newspaper to read about the hot news of Malaysian blogging scene while I eat prawn mee. Drove around the rows of shops and i finally saw a “Kedai Buku Aenon” (Aenon Book Shop) just a few doors away from the famous prawn mee shop of Kepong. Quickly pulled over to a shady parking lot and went into the bookshop. I scanned around the shop for newspapers rack and it was nowhere to be found. So I asked the boss:

G : Boss, do you sell newspapers??
Boss : Err, Im afraid not. We sell only books here. ONLY CHRISTIAN BOOKS.
G : ____ errr ok. <still don’t believe it’s a Christian book shop>

Then I looked around again… man… damn a lot of religious books…. I saw a lot of words – Lord, Jesus, heaven… from the various book titles.

Boss : So, do you go to church often?
G : <WTF, why he ask so and how he know if I’m a Christian?> Err… yeah. Ok, thanks. Bye.

I quickly left the place and went for a quick lunch. After lunch, I went back to my car and realised that I had a button opened on my shirt and the crucifix was showing gloriously. Then I realised why that bookshop boss asked if I go to church often. He must have spotted my crucifix. But their branch of Christian don’t use the crucifix. They use only cross while crucifix is use by Catholic. Well, just for your information.

Ok, from the title of that Malaysia Today blog post itself, I couldn’t think of any other reason why the murderers should not be sent to hell. RPK may be baseless & speculating facts and he could also be right in the accuracy of facts. I don’t know… until the judge announce the official verdict. In a layman’s point of view, I’ll just let God do His work and send the real murderers to anywhere else But heaven. Send them anywhere else but not heaven !!!! Period. Let’s catch up with the updates of the trial on newspaper. Hope the truth will be unfold the soonest possible.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord, we hope that the REAL murderers.. those who involved in the murder directly and indirectly, those who have an interest in the death of the murdered victim, those who masterminded the murder, those who helped in sourcing the explosives, those who helped detonating the C4 explosives and whatever…. to be brought to justice and be punished accordingly. Pardon the scapegoats as they are just a mere… scapegoat. Only You know who is the real murderer(s). Please don’t send them to Heaven.



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