Milo water flask

Water flask come in many shapes and sizes and made of different materials. Recently, the trend of using polycarbonate plastic flask is so popular that almost everyone have one of it. We all heard that prolonged use of the same soft drink or mineral water bottle is not good for health. Some people will use the same softdrink bottle until it turns yellowish in colour. Geez.

I had a renown Lexan flask but is leaks water and I’m frustrated with it. Then, I bought an el-cheapo Felton flask at Jaya Jusco and the same thing happened. Finally, one day, Mr Bean brought home a bottle for me. It is this free gift of Milo… the 24th Bangkok SEA Games edition. This one is a good flask and it never leak even a drop of water from it. I just can’t leave home without it. Yeah, we all Malaysians have used many stuffs from Milo in our lifetime.

Minum Milo anda akan jadi sihat dan kuat. (You will be healthy and strong by drinking Milo).

I’m still searching for a good quality and durable military water canteen/bottle for my everyday harsh use.


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