* Recipe of making a good bowl koko krunch meal.

I was quite reluctant to try this out as it is a bit fake and un-Koko Krunch to have vanilla taste in your bowl of Koko Krunch. However I was tempted by the fact it comes with a free bowl. Ok.. i’ll try it.. all because I like that free bowl. I will be giving it to my cute little cousin, Xin Xin.

I never fancy cold food especially when you see some smart ass would put their cereal in a bowl of ice-cold fresh milk from the fridge early in the morning. Its not good for your respiratory system. To me, warm milk is the best to go with my koko krunch. Well, maybe I’m weird.

But, I’ve been eating Koko Krunch with hot nescafe coffee for quite sometime now. If you have not try it, i don’t know what to say. You must be missing some good things in life. Any Koko Krunch fan must try it with coffee!! I got this idea from Neslo (nescafe+milo).


1 pack of Koko Krunch/Koko Krunch Duo
2 sachets Nescafe 3-1 coffee
1 big bowl of hot water

1. Pour the coffee powder from the sachet in to the bowl of hot water to make coffee.
2. Put in the amount of Koko Krunch you want to eat.
3. Serve the delicious breakfast.