The other side of the wall

Arbeit Macht Frei. Ok, I just watched The Counterfeiter and was a bit taken away by the drama. This is not just any drama with a backdrop of a concentration camp. Just in case you missed the my previous post of the same movie. Click here for the superb movie trailer. Synopsis The true story of Salomon Sorowitsch, counterfeiter extraordinaire and bohemian. After getting arrested … Continue reading The other side of the wall

How laminated safety glass works

Ordinary window glass, like you have around the house, is pretty amazing stuff. It’s clear, strong and cheap. But it’s also brittle, shattering into long, dangerous, wickedly sharp shards when overstressed. Plastics would be as strong, but not nearly hard enough to resist scratching and remain clear enough for a car window–just look at any plastic-glazed outdoor bus stop or phone booth, with its patina … Continue reading How laminated safety glass works

Germany Bans Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie"

LA Times reports that Germany has barred the makers of “Valkyrie,” about a plot to kill Adolf Hitler, from filming at German military sites because its star Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. Cruise, also one of the film’s producers, is a member of the Church of Scientology which the German government does not recognize as a church. Berlin says it masquerades as a religion to … Continue reading Germany Bans Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie"