The problem of Kuala Lumpur

This evening I left office at 6.15pm and I only reach Kaka Bakkutteh in Kepong at 8.54pm. The first 30 minutes plus was spent from my office building to Wisma KFC. The traffic today was real madness and its unusual. Took some detour but every road was the same. Even Sri Sinar in Kepong was not spared. What the fuck…..

Sometime I wonder, what had the Prime Minister promised. He promised a few years ago that with the hike in fuel prices, funds meant for fuel subsidies to be channeled to upgrade the public tranportation especially in the city. Man, is there any difference as compared to 2 years ago?? The traffic is the same. Same shit. Maybe worse. Cars are so cheap anyone can just pay as little as a few hundred ringgits as down payment to get a fucking car. Despite venting my frustration through my blog many times before on the matter…. i just can’t help doing it again. Single occupancy vehicles is just an ever growing problem that is gripping Kuala Lumpur. Of course the more cars on the road the more chances of business for my trade but to think on the other hand, the environmental aspect of it…. everything seems to be related as far as the business of loss is concerned.

The more cars we drive, the more carbon we produce. The more carbon we produce, the more greenhouse gasses are produced. Then, with all the greenhouse gasses concentration, there’s climate change and there will be more rain, flood, storm, snow, blizzard, drought and any other catastrophe. With all these undesirable weather, people will tend to drive rather than relying on public transport. It all goes back to square one. Tiu.

Some people have no choice but to drive to work. Some people do have a choice. Just wish the government will impose a super high congestion fee for every vehicle that enters the city. Yeah, I wish. I think my company should give everyone a laptop and a broadband connection. Sometime it is just not convenient to travel back to office just to rush a report or two.


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