Phone ringtone

Hi there, its been sometime since the last post. Lately, I’ve ran out of inspiration to write due to some unexplainable circumstances. I need to post something…. exam’s later in the afternoon. Happy that I’m going to eat nasi lemak again at Village Park this Saturday.

Ok, yesterday was in the elevator going up to my office. It was 80% occupied and suddenly there was a cat meow’ed in the lift. It was so loud, everyone was disturbed by it and it turned out to be someone’s phone ringtone. You won’t believe that a few people (including myself) were shocked and looked to floor in search of the “cat”. We all thought a cat manage to jump into the lift. Then the malay guy standing at the lift buttons whipped out the phone to answer it. Geez.

Ringtone supposed to be individual preference and you can put any voice clip, sound and music you like. However, I just can’t stand some people who loves current latest songs as their ringtone. Man, there was a time in the office where 5-6 people in the same department have Wastelife‘s Uptown Girl ringtone (they bluetoothed to each other). You know the pain.

Ok… in conjunction of the World Earth Day, please don’t use the ringtone that many people have. Save the people from voice pollution. Haha.


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