De La Hoya/Mayweather (Sept2008) tickets

Rematch !! Oscar De La Hoya is going to fight Maywheather this coming September 2008. Sources have that the fight would be on either September 13th or 20th and you can catch it on HBO per-per-view. The match is likely to be held at the 27,000 seat Home Depot Center, Los Angeles… home to Los Angeles Galaxy where David Beckham is playing. For De La Hoya/Mayweather tickets, you should check this out before it is all snapped out.

If the fight happens in September, the 9 month break will be the longest of the Grand Rapids native’s career, by slightly more than a month. Mayweather’s fights with De La Hoya and Hatton were the biggest of the year and the promotions were exhausting. He also found mainstream recognition during his fall run on the popular reality series “Dancing with the Stars.”

De La Hoya, who said he hoped to fight for three times this year, but has not fought since losing to Mayweather, will have been idle for more than 16 months, the second-longest layoff in a career filled with lengthy respites in recent years. His part-time status has done little to dampen De La Hoya’s popularity, but may have contributed to three losses in his last five fights. De La Hoya had planned to return to the ring May 3, but didn’t have an opponent. The prospect of facing British star Ricky Hatton, his first choice, evaporated when Mayweather returned to welterweight and knocked Hatton out in the 10th round on Dec. 8.

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