History to digest

A Sunday afternoon with granny and grand aunty proved to be very interesting as they shared stories which before this they were so reluctant to tell as they pledged with my late grandparents.

I got more understanding to the stories that my dad and aunts told before this. Grand aunty’s story is more “vivid” and insightful. She also said that grandad only left with all these histories and legacies.

Stories about the special talents of my grandad in handling self-defence “tools”. His military-precision in handling these “tools” is the thing that I am so eager to know more but it will never happen. The afternoon chat with them unveiled a lot of incidents that remained question marks in my mind even after reading that book.

I feel like setting up a video camera and record all these “interviews” with the old folks as I see all this as part of the family’s history and should be told to the generations after me. Just in case I forget some part of it.

I’ll arrange to visit the towns mentioned, Batu Gajah, Malim Nawar and Taiping with my granny and grand aunty soon…. hopefully can meet some old folks of their generation and listen to their stories.


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