White coated fishes

Geez. When I got home today, i saw the fishes in the aquarium were all coated with whitish stuffs covering their whole body. I was shocked as it was my first time seeing this kind of situation. The fishes were like zombies, floating and flowing around with the current. They were about to die.

Quickly powered up the computer and googled for the situation. It was a contagious bacteria infection probably caused by the contaminated pipe water but it was filtered water as I just changed the water last Sunday.

I took the fishes out and put it in a pale filled with fresh pipe water + anti-chlorine. Took the water filter pump out and let it run in the pale. After and hour or so… the fishes are back to normal cheeky behaviour. There must be something wrong with the water.

I didn’t know there are such thing would happen. At least I learned something today. You can Google Image it and see the white stuff coated fishes.



One comment

  1. My fishy was not so lucky…. all died before I can save them…sob..sob..
    Some are as big as a child hand.. all becoz of the white fungus which makes the water smelly as well….
    My fishy survive the same sickness before, never thought that it cannot survive this round…

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