Singgah poh

Hi, been a bit busy lately and I don’t have much to blog…. sometime you just don’t have things to write.

Went to Singapore last weekend with my szer. It was just for a weekend. I still don’t understand why chewing gums are banned. I saw a lot of chewing gums left near the writing slab at the immigration centre. Its not cheap ok. I, too, had to part with a pack of wrigley’s spearmint. Arrgh. Man, smuggling chewing gum is as lucrative as drugs in Singapore.

The only highlight was the afternoon at Orchard Road. They have quite a deal of nice stuffs over there… albeit a lil pricey to my standard. I’m saving money, for Sir Matt Busby’s statue is waiting for my arrival. Saw some nice bags but to come to think of it… I have a lot of bags already. Saw some nice Kasco golf caps though I don’t play golf. Maybe it’s time to grow up and do without caps… but then a bit envy of Lee for some of the nice caps he own. Geez. Go and buy lah. Wonder why we always buy unnecessary things…. hmm… but I need a big bag for work !! I didn’t buy anything at the Tangs’s sale.

Ok…you may notice some paid-posts around here as I’m making some pocket money for my trip. If you wish to donate some money to me, please send email to me and we can make some arrangement. 😉


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